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November 03, 2008 - PMT Industries develops a greener solution for paper dryers

The increased pressure to reduce our carbon footprints, coupled with the rapidly increasing price of energy supplies, has focused attention on the need for greater efficiency by reducing energy consumption, but without detriment to output.


PMT Industries, ever mindful of the customer’s needs in this respect, has modified the head insulation on their range of Yankee and MG Dryers, which has been proven to reduce power consumption whilst ensuring that the maximum drying efficiency is obtained.  This is proving to be a popular option with an increased level of orders for insulated heads.


The success with new machines has driven the Company to introduce an insulated head package that can be retrofitted to Yankee and MG Dryers on older machines by their International Yankee Dryer Service Team.  The resultant cost savings from this modification indicate that the cost of fitting this package can be recovered in less than twelve months.


The varied nature of a paper machine means that benefits can be different for each application, depending upon dryer diameter, length, operating pressure etc.  On provision of machine details, PMT Industries’ Engineering Department can provide an estimate of the potential energy savings and cost of retrofitting insulation to the heads.


The design has been developed to ensure that the increase in efficiency does not come at the expense of the machine operation, and the smooth external finish helps with cleanliness on the dryer end, and improves safety in the event that water sprays onto the end face of the Yankee.


The Yankee Dryer Service Team had a major input into the design process to ensure that ease of service has not been compromised.  Man holes can still be accessed, as can the head bolts on the dryer rim, to ensure easy inspection.  It is possible to remove and refit the cladding and insulation, if required.  All parts have been designed to ensure long term reliability.


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